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Email vs SMS invitation

Lipscore offers two ways of reaching your shopper with a feedback request. Email and SMS invitations.

Preferred communication method

In your Lipscore account: Settings > Invitation setup > General > Preferred communication method

Depending on the data provided in the integration, we receive your shoppers’ email addresses and/or phone numbers. Needless to say, if we receive only an email address, we send an email invitation and when there is only the phone number, we send an SMS invitation. In case the data contains both email and phone number, by default we send email invitations.

However, in the Preferred communication method setting you can decide otherwise – that whenever both contact details are sent to Lipscore, you would rather send an SMS invitation.

Preferred communication method setting

Please note: as much as email invitations are included in your contract price, SMS invitations are not. Whenever an SMS invitation is sent, it is additionally charged 0,4 nok per invitation.

Depending on your preference, you can send only product review invitations, only service review invitations, or decide on the percent of customers that should receive each (eg. 10% should be asked for a review on their shopping experience and 90% should be asked for their opinion about the products they purchased). This applies to both Email and SMS invitations.

Service reviews percentage

Email invitations

We offer 2 types of invitations that can be sent to your shoppers:

  1. Product review invitations (2 emails)
  2. Service review invitations (1 email)

You can decide whether to send 1 or 2 product review invitations (although you should expect the best response rates when using both).

Both the branding and texts of email invitations can be customized.

SMS invitations

SMS invitation is a simple text message with a link to review landing page where customer can leave their feedback.

For SMS method we offer:

  1. Product review invitation (1 SMS)
  2. Service review invitation (1 SMS)

It is not possible to add branding to an SMS invitation, but the texts can be customized, both in the invitation and on the landing page.

SMS invitation and landing page
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