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In your Lipscore account: click on your store name in the top left corner of the main menu to see the Dashboard

When you start sending invitations and customers’ feedback starts populating your Lipscore account and widgets, the Dashboard is the place to monitor your results.  

You can filter your results according to selected periods and set up the time resolution for graphic representation of data. 

Dashboard - time resolution

The top line of results shows you results all time. The bottom line shows results based on the selected period. Hover the mouse over the info icon to learn what exactly each parameter stands for.

Dashboard - results

You can see the trends in the average score, number of ratings and sent invitations over time. 

Dashboard - trends

The list of top and bottom performing products is based on at least 5 ratings left on a product. The lists give you important insight into the quality of your products – check the reviews left on those bottom performers and see what the issue is. Sometimes it is enough to make the product description more specific or change the size guide. Other times, the product may simply be of bad quality and you may want to reconsider ordering it from your providers in the future. 

Dashboard - top and bottom performing products

The list of most rated and reviewed products gives you an idea about which products sell best or evoke most engagement with your customers. The most rated and reviewed products give you a lot of product insights as well as your customer support team’s performance.  

Dashboard - most rated and reviewed products

The Dahsboard together with the Ratings and Reviews sections give you unique insights into your customers’ experience with your products and services.

The insights can be used to, among others:

  • customer retention: following up on unhappy customers and quickly make amends
  • assessment of customer service performance
  • assessment of service providers performance
  • product development and changes in inventory: learning which of your products are of expected quality and which need to be improved or removed from your offer


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