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Customization of widgets

We offer an out-of-box set of widgets that can be used as they are, with no customizations at all. You can find the previews of all default widgets in the Widgets section in your Lipscore account.

However, design preferences vary from customer to customer and we offer various solutions to accomodate these preferences.

Basic customization of the Rating widget

Go to Settings > General > Rating settings and choose:

Main rating style refers to the widget that is usually implemented at the top of product pages. Here, you can choose from 2 widget formats (compact and big), 4 available colors (red, yellow, blue and black), and 4 shapes of stars.

Main rating styles

Small rating style refers to the widget usually implemented on category pages and product gallery snippets on the homepage. Here you can choose from two widget formats: a row of stars that indicates the average product score or one star with its average score next to it.

Small rating style

Customization of widgets in CSS

Go to Settings > General > Theme settings

In the Theme settings you can find some styles of Lipscore widgets, you can edit them or add new. Regarding the scope of changes you can make to the Lipscore widgets, CSS is the limit. This means that whatever is achievable with use of CSS, can be applied to our widgets.

For simple CSS customizations (color of stars, arch, text on reviews landing page) you can use codes from our Basic CSS codes library.

For more advanced customizations refer to your tech team or reach out to the Lipscore team for a quote.

Examples of advanced customizations

Advanced customization - Care of Carl

Advanced customization - Apofemme

Advanced customization - Herbmed

Advanced customization - Lanullva

Advanced customization - Northug

You have already learned loads about the most important settings in the Lipscore account. There are a few more settings that could be relevant to your usecase, you can check them out by clicking the button below.


Other General settings you should know

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