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Branding invitations

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Settings > Invitation setup > Email settings

The goal of branding your invitations is making them look as a natural last step of your customer’s shopping experience.

Graphic editor functions

In the graphic editor you can:

  1. Add your logo and optionally a banner
  2. Change the color of the button, background outside of the frame, inside the frame and the frame itself
  3. Change colors of the heading, body, and footer text
  4. Choose from 4 different fonts
Graphic design panel

Please note that the changes to colors you will be applying will not be visible on the preview real-time. Once you click the Save button, please click the Edit button and Exit edit mode. This is when you will see the updated design.

The design you choose in the graphic panel will be applied to:

  1. all the invitations (2 product invitations and 1 service invitation). Note: If you have more than one Lipscore account, the branding needs to be applied separately in each account.
  2. automatic email notifications sent to your users by our system (e.g. when you write a public reply a review, the notification your customer will receive will inherit invitations branding)
  3. Lipscore-hosted reviews landing page (what is Lipscore hosted landing page?)

To see what the invitations will look like in your inbox, scroll up and send a test invitation to yourself.

Sending test invitations
Default vs Branded

Here is what the product review invitation looks like with no branding and no customization of texts applied:

Product invitations - raw

And here is an example of what they may look like after branding and customization of texts:

Example of branded and customized invitations - Emma Stone

If your branding is ready, get familiar with the recommended invitations flow to prepare for customization of the texts in the invitations.

Recommended invitations flow

  • Can I add product pictures to the invitation?

At the moment, it is not possible to use product pictures in the invitations.

  • How can I align the logo or texts according to my preferences?

At the moment, it is not possible to change the alignment of elements in the invitation.

  • How can I apply branding to the landing page?

The reviews landing page is a widget which means it cannot be branded in the graphic panel. However, it is possible to apply changes to the CSS of all Lipscore widgets, including the landing page. Go to: Settings > General > Theme settings. This is where you can change and add CSS styles to the Lipscore widgets.

If you have no knowledge of CSS, we prepared a list of CSS codes for simple changes to the widgets design. You can copy the code from the list and paste in the Theme settings.

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