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Blocking invitations for selected products or product categories

In your Lipscore account: Settings > General > Blocked products

Blocking invitations for specific product

Settings > General > Blocked products

If you do not want to ask your customers for feedback on specific products, you can block them out from review invitations. Please note – this will not block creation of invitations for purchases containing these products/categories, it will only remove the selected products from invitations and block widgets on the blocked pages.

In order to do it, use:

Block product URLs 

  • to block the widgets on specific products: Separate URLs with Space, a comma(,) or Enter.
  • to block widgets on all products belonging to a specific category URL: Use * for wildcards, multiple wildcards are allowed.* (blocks any product in the specific category),* (blocks any product in the store),
    * (blocks any protocol and

Blocked product categories

  • Insert category names, separate them with a comma (,) or Enter
    Separate categories with a comma (,) or Enter. Please make sure that you are using the same category names as used in the Lipscore integration. Otherwise the blocking function will not work.

Note: If information about categories is not sent to Lipscore via the integration, this functionality will not work. 

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