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Basic invitations setup

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Settings > Invitation setup

For the initial setup, focus on these two most important sections of General settings for Invitations:

1. Invitation delays

A delay is the number of days between the moment the invitation was scheduled in the Lipscore account (e.g. when the order was placed or when the order was sent – it depends on which order status you chose in the integration process to triggers scheduling of invitations) and when the invitation should be sent to your customer. If you are using both product and service invitations, there are 3 delays to be set up:

  • Product invitation delay – the number of days before we send the 1st invitation. When setting this one up, think about the order processing + delivery time + time for testing the product.
  • Product invitation 2 delay – the number of days between the 1st and the 2nd invitation. Usually it’s 5 days, but it strongly depends on your product type. Please note: we will only send the 2nd invitation if no feedback was left on the 1st request.
  • Service invitation delay – the number of days before we send a service review request. When setting this one up, think about the order processing + delivery time.

Please note: We never send 3 invitations to one customer – a customer gets either product review invitation/s or service review invitations. You can decide on the ratio in the next setting.

2. Percent of service reviews

Depending on your goals you can decide how many of your customers should be asked to review their shopping experience – interaction with your customer service, order processing time, delivery, etc. – vs how many should be requested to review the products they purchased.

Customers who prefer to focus on products, usually choose a 10:90 or 20:80 ratio. We do have some customers collecting service reviews only due to the fact that their products are seasonal and run out of stock very quickly. There are no rights or wrongs here, it’s your call!

service vs product invitations ratio

Other settings in the General invitation setup


1. Number of days to block new invitations for repeat customers

The default logic behind the invitations sending system is as follows:

  • If a customer was asked for a product review and purchased the same product within 90 days, Lipscore will not send another review request to this customer for this purchase.
  • If a customer was asked for a service review and made another purchase within 14 days, Lipscore does not send another service review request to this customer for this purchase.

This logic protects your customer from receiving too many review requests via our system. However, if you would like the rule to be even more strict, in this setting you can decide on a different period after each purchase where Lipscore will not send invitations, regardless of the purchased products or type of request the shopper received earlier.

Insert the number of days and confirm with the blue tick.

Number of days to block new invitations for repeat customers setting

In this case, if you buy a blue t-shirt today and within the next 120 days you will purchase the same blue t-shirt, pink trousers,  yellow jacket and colorful socks, we will not send you any feedback requests.

2. Use Lipscore-hosted review landing page

Lipscore-hosted landing page is a simple webpage where ratings and reviews can be collected from your shoppers, even when the frontend integration has not been completed on your website.

If you activate it, when your shopper clicks the button or stars in the email invitation, the reviews popup will open on this webpage instead of your homepage. The Lipscore-hosted landing page uses very basic branding based on the branding you set up in your invitations.

Lipscore-hosted landing page

When the review popup is closed, the shopper can click the button to visit your website again.

Learn more about Lipscore-hosted landing page.

Lipscore-hosted landing page button
3. Preferred communication method

Lipscore supports sending review invitations both via email and SMS. If both an email address and a mobile phone number is available for the same recipient, this setting will decide which method to use. Please note: sending invitations via SMS bears additional cost of 0,4 NOK / SMS.

Learn more about Email and SMS communication methods.

4. Invitations language

The order data that is sent to Lipscore has a language markup in it. If this setting is left at Automatic, Lipscore will send an invitation in a language matching the language markup in the data. If you choose a specific language in this setting, it will force all invitations to be sent in the specified language regardless of the language markup in the data.

Learn more about invitations language.


When your invitations are ready, it is time to decide on how your reviews will get approved to your website.

Reviews approval method

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