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API settings

In your Lipscore account: Settings > General > API settings

API keys

In the API settings you can find API keys which are crucial for the integration process. API key identifies your website in the Lipscore system. As a result the reviews collected in your Lipscore account will be displayed on your website. Make sure to implement it on your website together with the Initializer Script.

API version

API version 2 is set up by default. Unless your developers have a particular reason to use API version 1, leave the setting as is.

Note: If your webshop is build on nopCommerce platform, change this setting to V1.

Links to the documentation: V1 documentation and V2 documentation

Web sites

This is a security setting which limits the possibility of using your configured Lipscore data to the approved URLs only. If you set up this limitation to your website only, please remember to add any test sites you also have.

An empty list allows Lipscore plugin use from all URLs.

Multiple URLs can be separated by comma.

Use * for wildcards.
* matches but not
** matches and

IP addresses

To accept Lipscore API requests from specified server IP addresses, set them up in this section. Multiple addresses can be separated by comma.

Examples:,, 2001:db8::/32, 2001:db8::1.

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