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Account setup check-list

Here is the final check-list summarizing what you have learned and the steup that you should have completed following the 12 steps of account setup fundamentals.

1. Frontend integration is completed – the Initializer script and widgets are implemented on your website;

2. Backend integration is completed – invitations are being scheduled in the Invitations section;

3. Your invitations are nicely branded and preferably the texts are customized. You set up the Fixed reviews landing page on all landing pages in the Invitation setup section;

4. You chose the invitations delays and ratio of service vs product reviews (if service reviews are activated in your account);

5. You chose the reviews approval method and set up support email in the Notifications section;

6. You know how to manage the incoming reviews in the Reviews section.

If you can put a tick next to each of these steps, you are ready. 🤩

Of course, there is more. Make yourself at home in our Knowledge kingdom and if there is a question you cannot find an answer to in the articles it offers, reach out to our support team at

Enjoy the Lipscore adventure!

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