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Account Health Self-Check

It is recommended that you regularly check the most important indicators of your account’s health and results. Here is a checklist of which parameters to look at and how to draw conclusions from what you see.

Are the ongoing invitations scheduled? 


In your Lipscore account: Invitations > Scheduled

Compare if the number of scheduled invitations is approximately the same as the number of orders in a selected period (f.ex. 7 days). Approximately, because Lipscore does not work in a 1:1 manner – if, for example, the same customer makes a purchase on the same day, Lipscore will merge these two purchases into 1 invitation. Moreover, we have the 14/90 days rule which stops invitations for repeated purchases. Also, if your orders are being transferred to Lipscore when order status is fullfilled/sent/completes etc. please take this into consideration when comparing the numbers. As long as the number is more-less the same and you can see that the ongoing invitations are scheduled, your backend integration works as expected.

Scheduled invitations

Does reviewing flow work correctly on both mobile and desktop?


  1. Make a test purchase using an email address you have access to.
  2. Set the test order to the order status that triggers data transfer between your system and Lipscore.
  3. Go to Invitations > Scheduled, find the invitation and click Send now.
    Note: if you are performing the test between 10:00 and 12:00 this is when all the invitations are sent out from our system and it may take a bit longer for the test invitation to reach our inbox.
  4. Enter the email inbox and go through the reviewing process, both on your computer and mobile phone, preferably both on Windows/Android and Apple devices. Has the reviews popup opened? Were the stars big enough to click? Has your rating (stars) and review (text comment) been correctly saved in the Lipscore account? Are there no popups interfering with the reviewing process? If the process went smoothly, you can go to the next step.

Is your total average of rating 4,5+?

In your Lipscore account: Ratings > Published and Ratings > Pending

There are 2 average ratings you will find in your Lipscore account. One for Published ratings and the other for Pending ratings. Pending ratings are the ones that are ‘trapped’ by Support trigger for 5 working days or ones that belong to reviews you manually created Support cases for.

If your total average score is above 4,5, you can rest assured about your shopper’s satisfaction.

Is the response rate satisfactory?

In your Lipscore account: Dashboard (which you access by clicking your company name in the top left corner)

We know satisfactory is a blurry term, but there is no way of telling what the response rate for your specific webshop is good. Example: an outdoor clothing company fighting against consumptionism and producing their clothing in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner will most likely have a higher response rate due to a community that shares their values and loves their products – than a company selling medicines whose community may not necessarily be keen on admitting in public that they are suffering from certain diseases.

Are you using Lipscore to the fullest?


Some activities in your Lipscore account are not required but simply mean you are using Lipscore’s full potential. Please consider the following:

1. Are you replying to customers’ reviews?

Public reply to a review is a way of public communication with the customer who left a review, as well as those browsing your website, eager to read reviews and see how your company responds to various experiences your shoppers have, both positive and negative. Interaction with your customers’ reviews is an amazing tool in creating bonds and loyalty and we really encourage you to seize this opportunity.

2. Are you following up on unhappy customers?

Behind every negative review there is an unhappy customer sharing their experience with you, hoping to be heard and guided. There are quite a few ways for managing negative customer feedback, depending on which Reviews approval method you chose.

Learn more about negative reviews management:

  • If all your reviews are published automatically, click here.
  • If you are using a Support trigger, click here.
  • And if you are manually approving all your reviews, click here.

3. Are you displaying reviews on: 

  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Homepage

Do they work correctly and are easily accessible to your shoppers?

Learn more about our widgets, how they are used, how they may look and behave here.

Tips to improve your results


You have analyzed the results based on this checklist and feel that you are not there yet? We have prepared a number of tips and tricks to improve your results – find the reason for why they are not as expected and apply improvements to change it.

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