Lipscore Ratings and Reviews for Multicase


Type of integration: App developed by Multicase  

Who can do the integration: Multicase developers 

Estimated time for integration: Depending on Multicase’s implementation queue. Around 2 weeks from when all necessary information is provided to the developers. 

Estimated cost for the integration: (Charged by Multicase): 7500 nok + 150 nok per month for maintenance + hourly rate for time spent on setup and testing of integration.

Lipscore onboarding process:   

Step 1. You sign a deal with Lipscore and order integration with Multicase.
A case is then assigned to the Multicase management system.  

Step 2. When Multicase is ready to start the integration process, you will be instructed to contact the Lipscore onboarding team to schedule an onboarding meeting.  

Step 3. Onboarding meeting where your integration preferences are specified. After the meeting, the onboarding team sends integration details to Multicase.  

Step 4. When integration is ready to be deployed to production and you approve the layout, you will be instructed by Multicase to reach out again to the Lipscore onboarding team for instructions on account setup and training.  

Step 5. Account setup & training 

  • Standard SLA: Account setup and training via Knowledge base articles. 
  • Premium and Premium Plus SLA: Training meeting (c. 50 min) 

Step 6. Go-live

Can reviews from previous provider be imported? 

If you want to import past reviews collected by Multicase’s inbuilt reviews system, Multicase will provide us with the right file.  

If you want to import past reviews collected by a different reviews provider, it is still possible, but a very specific file and data structure is required for the import not to fail. Here is the template with explanation for the required datapoints 

Partner: MultiCase. Read more about the Lipscore & Multicase  partnership. 

If you cannot find the information you need, please reach out to

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