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Lipscore API Implementation Guide for Physical Stores

If the webshop is built with a custom-made platform or one of the platforms Lipscore does not have an app for, you can still implement Lipscore on the website via API and by manually adding widgets to your store frontend.

This is what you need 


  • Lipscore API documentation 
  • Access to the source code of your website
  • A valid physical store account with
  • Widgets library
  • The API keys (codes that identify your site in the Lipscore network) which can be found in the Settings – General – API settings after logging in on 
  • Information from the customer / Lipscore Onboarding manager on which widgets should be implemented on the website, and possibly the preferred placements
  • This explanatory video by our CEO & CTO on how to do the API integration

The steps necessary to complete the implementation  


1. Create a backend connection for order data transfer between Lipscore’s and the customer’s database via API. Important notes: 

  • It is crucial that Invitation[source_id] is included in the API integration and widgets on physical store pages so that they can show reviews coming from a specific store. It is highly recommended that you also add invitation[source_name] in order to see the name of the store the review was left for in the Lipscore account. You may also use invitation[parent_source_id] but it will be optional – for instance have parent IDs for regions (Østlandet, Vestlandet, etc.) and then using them in the total-score widget instead of inserting each source_id separately. 
  • Apart from required data: 
      • Please make sure to send GTIN numbers to Lipscore if the customer wants to display Lipscore ratings and reviews in Google Shopping ads and Google organic search 
      • Also, please send product category data to Lipscore in addition so that customer can enjoy some of our additional functionalities (e.g., product attributes / true-to-size functionality, blocking invitations for selected product categories, and others) 
      • The more data is sent to Lipscore, the better analytics we will be able to offer the customer, please feel free to include other datapoints as well. 
  • The preferred order status that will trigger the transfer of order data from customer’s database to Lipscore’s should be when order is shipped to the shopper (if ordered in physical store but sent to customer) or when order is paid for (when purchase is made in-store).

2. Add Initializer script in head tag of every page of your webshop 

Every page needs to have our javascript/html initializer script inside the head-tag to be able to display Lipscore widgets. This code is the same for every page and should not be altered. 

Please notice that there are two things you need to change/pay attention to in the following script: 

  • Language code in the link to our js-file. Notice in the sample that there is an “/en/” in the url? Available languages are en, no, se, dk, fi, fr, de, br, cz, it, es 
  • The API key. This can be found in the Settings – General – API keys page in the Lipscore account. 

You can find the Initializer script’s code in the Widgets library.

Initializer script code

3. Open the Widgets library and add all relevant rating/review widgets 

It is the website owner / manager / Onboarding manager at Lipscore who specifies which widgets are supposed to be implemented. Important note:

  • Widgets for physical store page and stores overview pages can be found under Physical store widgets.
  • If product reviews are to be collected from physical store shoppers, implementing the Rating widget on product pages is crucial for markup (rich snippets displaying in Google organic search) and for sending information about product ratings and reviews to the Google Shopping XML feed. 

4. Test the integration following these instructions. 

5. Send a confirmation email to the customer and Onboarding manager that the integration is completed. 


If you have any problem whatsoever getting our software to work on your site don’t hesitate to contact us at or reach out to the Onboarding Manager assigned to your webshop.  

We will be happy to help! 😊

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