Our team are all experts on ratings and reviews. No matter who you talk with, you’ll see that we’re passionate and know what’s needed for you to succeed with Product Reviews, Service Reviews and Store Reviews.

No other solutions, neither in the Nordics nor globally, are even close to gathering as much feedback as we do. The best response rate on the market, together with unique insight and our high expertise, is what makes us stand out.

Lipscore are experts on ratings and reviews for eCommerce

Get started fast

Our Customer Success Team will help you get started in no time. Once you have decided to sign up, you’ll be invited to a startup meeting with our Customer Success Team. They will help you get up and running no matter what e-commerce platform you use.

Technical improvements

Lipscore is known for its high response rate, meaning that you will gather a high volume of customer data. Our Customer Success Managers has a lot of experience from several hundred online stores. They’ll share their tips and tricks with you. Of course, every client is unique, and there is always room for improvement. That’s why we’ll optimize your solution together once we understand what works best.

Unique insight

Our team will guide you on the way and make suggestions for technical improvements and optimization. We can also help you find the ways to best your data.

Let’s help your business get 2-4 times more ratings and 100% real, verified and legal reviews!

No other solution on the market gives you more ratings and reviews than Lipscore, or can guarantee that all reviews are 100% real, written by real customers, in their own words, unedited and verified by their identity.

Why choose Lipscore?

  • The market’s best response rate
  • 100% Real, Verified and Legal Reviews
  • Get insight that help increase sales and revenue
  • Spot and deal with unhappy customers
  • Advanced functionality

We GUARANTEE we’ll increase your response rate, or you don’t pay!

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