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«We gather a lot of ratings and reviews. With a 29% response rate to ratings, it is so fun to collect. I love it!»

Cathrine Bardellotto
E-commerce Manager

«Lipscore is a great tool that provides us with honest feedback, so we can continuously offer our customers the best experience.»

Lars Ove Davidsen
Head of Digital Projects & Data Protection Officer

«Lipscore is a game-changer to how we efficiently gather customer feedback to address concerns and improve our products and marketing.»

Tonje Lillemo
Communications Advisor & Content Creator

«Thanks to Lipscore’s customer success team, we’ve tripled our response rate! We started below 10%, but now it’s surged to a remarkable 32%.»

Sondre Øren
Logistics Coordinater & Web Consultant

«The support and professionalism from the Lipscore team have been exceptional. We’ve evaluated several other platforms, but Lipscore outperforms them all.»

Berit Sjøvik

«If a customer wants a dress in another color or another length, Lipscore leverages this information, allowing for further customization and enhancement of our product line. Additionally, it helps us quickly find and fix any issues with the products.»

Stine Elisabeth Goksøyr

«Our reviews focus on service quality provided by our brokers, requiring a tailored review system. Lipscore’s local insight was invaluable in this regard.»

Bjørnar Førre Skagstø
Head of Innovation & Digital Services

«We recently switched to Lipscore on our website and are delighted with both the solution and the customer support.»

Hege Løvnaeseth
Key Account Web

«Lipscore’s integration with our Google Site Manager, enabling our reviews to be displayed on Google Shopping, was a significant factor in our decision. We’re very satisfied with the high response rate and the positive product and service ratings we’ve achieved so far.»

Jacob Thorèn
E-commerce Manager

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