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Horseonline decided to switch to Lipscore from one of the worlds’ largest solutions for gathering ratings and reviews – simply to gather MORE customer feedback! With their previous solution they had a response rate of 6-7%; with Lipscore they now have an impressive response rate of 24%!

«We think that Lipscore has a smarter way of working with reviews. Not all customers want to leave a justification (which their previous solution forced). And with Lipscore’s Product Attributes where we can ask customers to rate product attributes such as size, quality, comfort etc. we believe that we will get valuable feedback from our customers without forcing them to write a justification. Having said that, we do not feel that the number of written reviews has decreased», says Timmy Norin, CMO / Co-owner at Horseonline.

«Another great benefit of Lipscore is the ability to display reviews on all variants of a product – such as different colors. The backend is easier to use and more intuitive, and we really appreciate the Support Trigger function which help us spot and deal with unhappy customers. Overall, we are very pleased with Lipscore» concludes Timmy.

E-commerce solution: Askås


In just a few months, the number of reviews on one of E-wheels’ most popular scooters has increased by more than 1200%! From 112 to 1.424 reviews (and 5.362 ratings!!). Just like that – accomplished by switching from one of the world’s largest solutions for gathering ratings and reviews – to Lipscore. Already, E-wheels have ratings on more that 80% of their products, that’s saying something!

«Incredibly efficient platform for collecting product reviews and a great team to work with! We, at E-Wheels, can safely recommend Lipscore», says Markus Søderlind, CIO at E-Wheels.

E-wheels is just in the beginning of their journey with Lipscore to efficiently collect product ratings and reviews on their Norwegian website <>, but their results are already revealing an impressive response rate that is way above our average of 22%. Soon, they will be collecting product reviews for their other websites:, and – and we can’t wait to see the results for all of them!

By using our Automatic Translation Module, the E-wheels team are able to utilize their reviews as they are shared across their markets. The reviews are automatically translated and displayed in the language the target market is using, to help their customers make better informed purchase decisions based on real customer feedback across borders. This means more ratings & reviews = increased trust = boost in sales!

E-commerce solution: Episerver