From Humble Beginnings to Summit Success: Vertical Playground`s Journey with Lipscore

A couple of years back, Vertical Playground (VPG) integrated Lipscore to refine their customer feedback mechanism. Erlend Vognild, who oversees third-party relations and integration at VPG, states “There is no doubt that Lipscore has played a crucial part in the increased conversion rate that we`ve experienced”. Discover the impact of Lipscore`s feedback solutions on VPG`s expansion, highlighting their dedication to customer satisfaction and superior product quality.

20 Years of Progress

Starting as a modest garage venture, Vertical Playground (VPG) has grown into a substantial presence in the Norwegian sports market, marking two decades of progress. Driven by a collective enthusiasm for high-quality, affordable sports equipment, VPG`s founders established the groundwork for what would become a significant business in Oppdal. Erlend says, “VPG began with importing Czech-designed kayaking and climbing gear. Now, we also have skiing equipment and so much more, in addition to a strong B2B section”.

The Alliance with Lipscore

VPG`s search for an efficient customer feedback solution brought them to Lipscore. “The process required minimal effort on our part” Erlend notes, who was responsible for the development of their new website. Integration with their initial web partner was straightforward, and the transition of ratings and reviews to their new website last year was flawless.

This collaboration has empowered VPG to stay closely connected with customer experiences, enabling swift responses to feedback, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

The VPG Difference: Beyond Just Equipment

What distinguishes VPG is not only their extensive range of equipment but also their genuine passion for the sports they serve. Erlend points out, “Our team`s firsthand experience with various expeditions means we can offer customer individualized recommendations effortlessly”. This dedication shines through their digital presence, showcased by a user-friendly website that boosts customer engagement and strengthens trust in their premium, durable equipment.

Innovative Solutions in a Post-Pandemic World

Despite the sports industry`s stagnation post-pandemic, VPG has maintained an impressive growth trajectory. Their secret? A robust online platform that continues to attract and engage customers across Norway. By focusing solely on the domestic market and leveraging their unique expertise, VPG has successfully navigated the challenges, pushing their annual revenue to new heights.

Lipscore: A Catalyst for Visible Results

Since implementing Lipscore, VPG has witnessed numerous benefits, including an uptick in conversion rates and customer engagement. By ensuring product reviews are authentic and resonate with potential buyers, VPG has enhanced its online visibility and credibility, contributing significantly to their growth.

Empowering Future Growth

Looking ahead, VPG is dedicated to maintaining its growth trajectory, focusing on delivering quality equipment and expert advice at competitive prices.

During their collaboration with Lipscore, VPG has improved its customer feedback process and strengthened its position in the market, demonstrating the powerful impact of customer insights.

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