How Lipscore Can Help you Spot and Deal with Unhappy Customers

In a world where unhappy customers can damage a company’s reputation and lead to lost sales, it’s important to spot and deal with them effectively. But how do you identify dissatisfied customers who don’t contact customer service directly?

The Value of Feedback

Actively requesting feedback from all customers can help businesses identify areas for improvement, turn unhappy customers into loyal, repeat buyers, and even ambassadors of the brand. One of the best ways to do this is by using Lipscore, a powerful tool that helps businesses collect customer feedback and provide valuable insights into customers and products.

How Lipscore Can Help

With Lipscore’s “Support Trigger” function, companies can effectively capture and handle dissatisfied customers. Whenever a customer rates a product or shopping experience with one or two stars, Lipscore sends a notification to customer service. This allows them to address the issue immediately, turning a negative experience into a positive one. It also helps identify challenges related to production errors, incomplete product descriptions, packaging, and distribution.

The Benefits of Collecting Feedback with Lipscore

By collecting feedback through Lipscore, companies can make improvements that lead to fewer returns and complaints, more satisfied customers, and increased revenue. The data collected through Lipscore is reliable and accurate because only verified customers can give feedback. This data can also be used to innovate and make improvements to products and services, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.


By actively requesting feedback from customers, businesses can turn unhappy customers into loyal, repeat buyers, and brand ambassadors. An increasing number of chains and online stores are using Lipscore to create better customer experiences. By collecting feedback through Lipscore, businesses can spot and deal with unhappy customers, make improvements, and increase customer satisfaction. This leads to increased revenue and a better reputation in the market.

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Learn from others

No other solution on the market gives you more ratings and reviews than Lipscore or can guarantee that all reviews are 100% real. A high volume of feedback also gives you more data, which usually is more representative and improves your customer and product insight.

Read more more about how some of our clients use this insight to make better business decisions below.

Support Triggers help us make ALL customers happy

«The Support Trigger flag bad reviews and give customer service the opportunity to take action, which help us make ALL customers happy», says Timmy Norin, CMO and Co-owner at Horseonline.

«It’s often a matter of misunderstandings, » Timmy says. «It happens that a satisfied customer writes a positive review but accidentally clicks on 1 star». Lipscore offers a short delay before publishing in order for the company to have time to contact the customer, clear up the mistake or solve the problem. The review invitation can then be sent out again.

The customers’ feedback also help Horseonline evaluate their product range. «The trigger flags products that consistently get a different rating than we expected. And that gives us data for evaluating whether we should keep it or not. In some cases, we even pass the feedback on to the manufacturer. »

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Direct contact with customers has been enlightening

«The most amazing thing about Lipscore is that it allows us to have better contact with customers and receive direct feedback from them about their satisfaction and their opinions about us. It has been very enlightening» says Mia Kristine Holt, Head of Operations and e-commerce at Lillelam.

Mia and the team at Lillelam actively use the feedback they receive. «We log in to Lipscore every month and read the reviews we’ve received. We gather specific feedback on the product level in a document, which we use when developing new products or modifying existing ones.»

Mia is also pleased with the feature that alerts them to negative reviews. «It’s great that we’re notified if someone leaves a bad rating. We always reach out to the customer to find out how we can improve, whether it’s in regards to delivery time, customer service, or the product itself.»

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Reviews from real customers only

Makeup Mekka uses the feedback gathered with Lipscore in several ways. In product development to see if a product needs to be updated. But also, to evaluate whether a product should be kept in the assortment or not.

«A product can sell a lot, but if many people are dissatisfied with it, we need to think about whether it should be removed,» explains Berit Sjøvik, CEO at Makeup Mekka.

In addition, customer feedback is used in marketing. Makeup Mekka feels that young consumers prefer to get advice from other users. Who uses the makeup.

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Wants to identify improvement opportunities

At Hasta Home they believe that it’s important to receive customer feedback to find potential for improvement. Therefore, the company uses both service and product reviews to identify both positive and negative feedback. «It’s useful for us in our product development, » says Mathias Kaski, site manager at Hasta Home.

Hasta Home also evaluates the customers’ buying experience and reviews the feedback they get at regular internal meetings. «We address both good and bad things that allow us to move on and improve. » They also have a brand experience manager who has the overall responsibility for follow-up. Both when it comes to making sure the feedback is answered by customer service and escalating both good and bad feedback internally.

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Customer feedback makes the products better

«It is very important to us that customers are satisfied with the products. With us, the users’ feedback goes to the production manager immediately, so that the products are constantly improved. That is why Lipscore is a key in our product development», says Frank Skjelland, responsible for online shopping in Lanullva.

«Product reviews is a unique channel between customer and manufacturer that benefits both. We get feedback and the customers get even better products back. And because Lanullva has full control of the production chain, we have a very short response time from customers reporting a need until the product has been improved» says Frank.

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Big focus on gathering data

«We want to be data-driven, and that’s why we believe it is important to know what the customers think about us and our products. We have long focused on product reviews. It really gives us a lot of interesting data. This is published on our website, but the data is also important for those who work with category development and purchasing who will get full control over what customers think about our products» says Skeidar’s marketing director Lars Thomte.

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Free analysis is offered to all online stores with a minimum of 1,000 orders in total for the last 3 months. A minimum number of orders is required to ensure that the customer analysis is based on representative data.

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