Skeidar Leverages Data-Driven Strategies for Rapid Online Growth and Enhanced Shopping Experience

Skeidar, a leading furniture chain, is experiencing significant online growth while expertly integrating its digital and physical retail channels. With a robust tech stack and data-driven strategies, the company ensures an optimized shopping experience for its customers.

Sustained Online Sales Growth

Skeidar’s marketing director, Lars Thomte, emphasizes the importance of a cohesive team in achieving online success. “The secret is that we’ve cultivated a strong, cooperative organization across all areas—from our 49 warehouses to our online store, customer service, marketing, logistics, and IT,” Thomte says. He cites a massive uptick in online turnover during Black Week, tripling sales compared to the same period the previous year.

The Power of Collaboration

Thomte attributes Skeidar’s accelerated growth to the collective efforts of his team. “When everyone pulls in the same direction, we can deliver an outstanding customer experience. We’re now seeing the tangible results of that shared endeavor,” he notes.

Omnichannel Synergy

Skeidar continues to integrate its online and in-store experiences, maintaining a balanced focus on both. Thomte explains that online revenue strengthens their physical stores, fostering a sense of community. “Every customer journey is unique, but both online and physical stores play a pivotal role,” he adds.

Customer-Centric Data Collection

In partnership with Norwegian agency Oculos and Swedish tech firm Voyado, Skeidar launched its customer club to gather valuable data. They have also collaborated with Lipscore for collecting Product and Service Reviews.

“Being data-driven allows us to get direct insights into what customers think of us and our offerings. This information is not only visible on our website but also guides our category development and purchasing strategies,” Thomte states.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Skeidar leverages Lipscore’s Service Reviews to measure customer experiences in their physical stores. Thomte emphasizes the importance of a data-driven approach: “We’re measuring overall customer satisfaction online and at each physical location to continually improve the shopping experience.”

Built for Performance

Skeidar’s online store, developed by eCommerce agency Geta, runs on Optimizely (Episerver) and Microsoft Dynamics 365, forming a robust technological backbone for their online operations.

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