Rudo Doubles Workforce in Two Years, Fueling Growth Through Customer Feedback

Rudo, a family-owned retailer specializing in strollers and baby accessories, has seen significant growth since launching their e-commerce platform in June 2020. “Improvement comes from change, and customer feedback has been instrumental in driving that change,” states Stine Brovold Christensen Løke, the Assistant General Manager at Rudo.

From Bicycle Workshop to Leading Baby Accessory Retailer

Founded in 1946 as a bicycle workshop, Rudo transformed into a manufacturer of strollers made from repurposed bicycle parts and margarine boxes. As the business evolved, it became a leading importer of strollers and baby accessories in Norway.

E-commerce Powers Market Share Growth

With a vision for modernization and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rudo transitioned from physical trade to online sales. The online store, launched on June 25, 2020, has helped Rudo capture increasing market share. “Our growth has been constant, and we’ve doubled our workforce from four to eight employees,” notes Stine.

Expertise in Guiding First-Time Parents

“We strive to give first-time parents the best advice in choosing the right products,” says Stine. This requires not only expert knowledge of their product offerings but also an authentic, personalized customer service experience.

Authentic Content Drives Customer Engagement

“Creating our own content, including reels, is a future focus for us,” mentions Stine. Rudo has its own photo studio and collaborates with families to produce genuine, relatable content that resonates with their audience.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are a cornerstone of Rudo’s business strategy. “You can’t improve without acknowledging what doesn’t work,” emphasizes Stine. By using Lipscore to collect and analyze reviews, Rudo has made informed improvements to both their products and their overall customer experience.

Customer Assurance Through Transparent Ratings

“The 4.7 out of 5-star rating displayed on our website through Lipscore’s widgets offers customers a sense of security and trust,” Stine elaborates. Honest feedback, collected through the platform, has been more effective than traditional methods like surveys or phone interviews.

A Collaborative Atmosphere and Room for Improvement

“At Rudo, everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas,” says Stine. She believes that customer feedback is critical for identifying areas for improvement. “Lipscore has been an easy-to-use and valuable tool for gathering this crucial feedback,” she concludes.

More Stars. Real Reviews.

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