Reduce returns with product reviews

Ecommerce can’t exist without returns. It goes hand in hand and in fact the number of returns is still increasing every year. The ecommerce return rate is approximately three times as high as in physical stores. Why is that? And how can product reviews reduce returns?

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Returns are both an economic and environmental problem

The rapid growth of e-commerce means more transport, more packaging, and more returns. It affects the company’s finances because returns are costly. It also affects the environment. This has boosted a widespread sustainability thinking. Many online retailers work actively to reduce unnecessary transports and try to find more efficient ways to handle returns.

A sustainable strategy to reduce the number of returns in e-commerce can be about something as simple as getting better at describing the products, e.g., size, and fit. So that it becomes easier for consumers to make good and well-thought-out purchases online.

How to reduce the number of returns with product reviews

1. Let’s customers speak their mind

Humans are social beings and want to know what others think. By offering customers a simple way to give honest feedback on purchased products and services, the feeling of belonging to both the products and the brand increases. This applies to both customers who have already shopped and potential new customers who read other people’s reviews before making a purchase.

2. Helps customers make the right choice

Customer reviews and user-generated content not only add relevant content, increase traffic, and increase conversion rates. It provides customers with invaluable product information that ultimately increases the chance that the customer will make the right choice on the first try. By letting consumers share experiences about fit, size, materials, colors, and other product features, it becomes easier for others to choose the right one right away. «Potential customers who read the reviews can immediately choose a larger or smaller size based on other people’s recommendations. And that way you don’t have to make a return» says Jonny Hansen, COO at Lipscore, and refers to Lipscore’s built-in feature Product Attributes.

3. Improve product descriptions

It’s important that it’s easy for customers to give ratings and reviews. But it’s equally important that the e-tailers use the feedback they receive. Companies that take advantage of the opportunity to openly respond to customer reviews (both negative and positive) are rewarded with even greater credibility and customers who feel heard. Most customer review platforms offer the ability to respond to feedback. Also make sure to update the product descriptions based on customer experiences. It gives product texts that feel more alive, inspiring, and genuine. In addition, it shows that the company has good product knowledge.

4. Optimize the product range

Product reviews also provide very useful data for updating the product portfolio. Something that e-tailers not only can do but should do on a regular basis. If a product constantly receives bad reviews, it is high time to evaluate whether it should remain at all. Bad products that do not live up to customer expectations become a bad deal in the long run. Consider whether the product should be phased out completely. Or use the feedback in product development or pass it on to the producer for product improvements. Without the honest opinions of customers, you risk more returns and dissatisfied customers who end up going to a competitor next time.

5. Align expectations

Authentic feedback also helps companies align expectations with their customers. If the customer’s impression of the product before purchase matches the impression after purchase, then the customer is usually satisfied. Something that is also of great importance here is of course the product images. Make sure to have lots of product images. Preferably both regular images with the background removed, detail images, and environmental images where the product is shown in use. «The better information and descriptions you have in your online store and from other customers, the fewer returns you get. It also has a positive environmental impact to reduce returns, handling, and transport back and forth » says Jonny Hansen, COO at Lipscore..

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