Oscar Jacobson is Shaping the Future of E-Commerce in the Fashion Industry

Oscar Jacobson, renowned for its tailored menswear since 1903, has taken significant steps in enhancing its online customer experience through a collaboration with Lipscore. Focused on integrating customer reviews and feedback, this strategic partnership highlights the brand’s dedication to maintaining its high standards of quality and fit, not just in physical stores but across its expanding online platform. Discover how Oscar Jacobson is shaping the future of e-commerce in the fashion industry.

Oscar Jacobson: A Century of Excellence in Menswear

Established in 1903 in Sweden, Oscar Jacobson has evolved from a traditional wholesaler to a leader in tailored men’s fashion, focusing on retail, physical stores, and e-commerce. With a strong Scandinavian presence and a comprehensive online reach across Europe, they offer a complete menswear range. Renowned for quality and fit in their physical stores, the brand now seeks to translate this expertise to their online shopping experience.

Aligning Online and In-Store Experiences

Jacob Thorén, E-commerce Manager at Oscar Jacobson, identifies their primary challenge: “Our goal is to align the online shopping experience as closely as possible with that of our physical stores,” he says. Oscar Jacobson addresses this by focusing on an omni-channel approach, seeking to harmonize in-store and online shopping. Product reviews are central to this strategy, offering insights into how customers perceive the fit of their garments, a crucial aspect for the brand renowned for its tailored clothing. This customer feedback is not only valuable for fellow shoppers but also serves as a vital resource for the production team, guiding product development.

Refining Customer Feedback for Enhanced Product Development

Oscar Jacobson advances its customer feedback strategy by enabling customers to rate specific product attributes, such as fit, using Lipscore’s product attributes feature. This approach allows customers to provide more nuanced feedback, crucial for accurately conveying the fit of garments online. This strategy is key in ensuring transparent communication about the fit and feel of products, significantly aiding in educating customers about what to expect from their purchases.

Reduced Returns, Increased Profitability, and Second-Hand Options

Jacob explains their approach: “We started with customer reviews to improve the online experience and better communicate our product features and fit,” he notes. “Feedback from our customers is crucial. This approach not only reduces returns but also supports environmental sustainability and enhances our profitability. Lowering the return rate and reducing shipping helps us make a positive impact on the environment.

Oscar Jacobson’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their Stockholm concept store, ‘Sustain by Oscar Jacobson,’ which sells second-hand items from their brand. This dedication to sustainable practices has extended to online sales, allowing a wider audience to access their second-hand products. Building on this success, the brand is set to open another second-hand store in Gothenburg, further reinforcing their commitment to sustainable fashion.

Gathering Multilingual Reviews Rapidly

Jacob stresses the importance of timely reviews: “Gathering a substantial number of reviews early in a new season is crucial, especially given our wide range of color options. Lipscore’s review syndication feature is instrumental in this process.” This feature displays all ratings and reviews across all product variants, irrespective of their color or size, thus ensuring a broad spectrum of reviews for each product. Crucially, all reviews are automatically translated into various languages, a key factor in Oscar Jacobson’s expansion into new markets. Jacob adds, “This functionality not only enhances the customer experience but also builds confidence, as customers can read reviews in their native language.”

Choosing Lipscore: Authenticity, Ease of Use, and Google Integration

Jacob explains their decision to partner with Lipscore: “It’s vital for our customers to trust the information and inspiration we provide, which is why reliable reviews are essential. Lipscore stands out with its authentic reviews, exclusively from verified buyers. Its user-friendly interface and customizable options for widgets and stars allow us to align them with our brand’s style and design. Additionally, Lipscore’s integration with our Google Site Manager, enabling our reviews to be displayed on Google Shopping, was a significant factor in our decision. We’re very satisfied with the high response rate and the positive product and service ratings we’ve achieved so far.”

Smooth Integration with Viskan

Oscar Jacobson’s e-commerce system operates on the Viskan platform. Jacob remarks, “The support from Lipscore was excellent, and the fact that Viskan had previous experience in integrating Lipscore for other clients made the process efficient and quick.” To further optimize the setup, they employed Lipscore’s Kickstart service to accelerate the collection of customer reviews. “We proactively contacted customers who had made purchases before we started using Lipscore,” he elaborates. “This approach proved to be highly effective, enabling us to quickly gather a substantial number of reviews right from the beginning.”

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