Nordvik Bolig: Transforming Real Estate with Customer Reviews

Nordvik Bolig, a leading Norwegian real estate agency, harnesses the power of customer reviews and innovative technology to transform the traditional real estate landscape. With a staggering 40% customer feedback rate, they’re setting a new standard for transparency and customer engagement.

Redefining Transparency in Real Estate

Bjørnar Førre Skogstø, Head of Innovation and Digital Services at Nordvik Bolig, aims to disrupt the real estate sector by offering transparent services. “We wanted to understand our customer sentiment, initially for internal insights, but we now openly share this valuable information.”

Accelerating Market Growth

Operating with 29 independent franchisees, Nordvik Bolig has doubled its office count since 2018 and commands a 7-8% market share in Norway. Their substantial growth is attributed to both new offices and an increasing client base for existing ones. A key driver is their digital investment strategy, which appeals to new and tech-savvy brokers. “Our reputation as an innovator attracts quality talent. Our digital footprint validates this.”

Strategic Digital Investments

The company originally considered developing an in-house feedback solution. However, they opted for an external partner to effectively collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback. Lipscore, a Norwegian-based review platform, was chosen for its stellar recommendations and local expertise.

A New Approach to E-Commerce Solutions

Nordvik Bolig employs Lipscore’s platform differently than traditional e-commerce businesses. “Our reviews focus on service quality provided by our brokers, requiring a tailored review system. Lipscore’s local insight was invaluable in this regard,” Bjørnar explains.

High Customer Engagement

Nordvik Bolig solicits reviews post-sale via email, enabling them to collect comprehensive feedback for their brokers and offices. Their astonishing 40% response rate shows that nearly half of all customers actively participate. The average rating for Nordvik Bolig stands at an impressive 4.82.

Nordvik Academy & Mobile App

Customer reviews feed into Nordvik Academy’s broker training programs and contribute to ongoing improvement. The customer feedback is also displayed in their mobile app, enriching the customer experience during housing transactions.

Pioneers with a Competitive Edge

“We knew we were on the right track, but customer reviews confirmed it,” says Bjørnar. Being industry pioneers in using reviews has allowed Nordvik Bolig to proudly display their high ratings as a unique selling point, strengthening their competitive advantage.

Increasing Broker Engagement

The company’s internal dashboard allows real-time monitoring of broker performance based on customer feedback, sparking an uptick in broker engagement and enthusiasm.

Future Insights

The next strategic step may involve leveraging Lipscore’s Product Attributes to solicit specific feedback on various aspects of the service, further fine-tuning Nordvik Bolig’s offerings.

“The bottom line is delivering quality from start to finish. Good reviews generate more business, and more business fuels growth,” Bjørnar concludes.

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