Tech-Duo Enters into Partnership to Create Better Product Experiences.

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: June 18, 2022

Two of the Nordic region’s leading technology companies, Findify and Lipscore, have entered into a comprehensive collaboration with the goal of enhancing product experiences and boosting online revenue.

Findify, a provider of search and merchandising solutions, has launched a brand-new backend integration with Lipscore, known as the world’s most effective solution for collecting product reviews and other forms of user-generated content.

With Findify, merchants can achieve up to a 30% higher conversion rate through improved relevancy and user-friendly controls. An advanced algorithm further enhances conversion rates and ensures that the website remains dynamic.

Lipscore enables merchants to collect between two and four times more ratings and reviews than the market standard. This not only contributes to increased traffic from Google but also builds customer trust—factors that collectively increase conversion rates. Lipscore also offers automatic translation of reviews, a Q&A function, and the ability to comment on reviews.

Complement Each Other Well

Joakim Amadeus Olsson, CCO at Findify, is enthusiastic about the new collaboration.

“At Findify, we offer enterprise search and merchandising made easy, and we talk about positive shopper journeys and relevant product experiences every day. An integral part of that lies in social proofing,” he explained.

“We share a common goal of helping merchants sell more, and sell better,” Mr. Olsson added, stating his delight at integrating with a partner that shares their Nordic presence.

“Lipscore is a fast-growing Norwegian company in the Nordics. Findify is Swedish, and we have also increased our presence in the Nordics in recent years.”

Personalized and Star-Studded Shoe Sale

Swedish retailers Dinsko and Skopunkten, both owned by the Nilson Group and hosted on the Norce platform, serve as prime examples of the synergistic benefits of Findify and Lipscore.

Merchants benefit from both Findify’s advanced personalization software and Lipscore’s efficient rating and review collection. On, Findify’s sorting abilities now incorporate the option to filter by Lipscore’s customer ratings. Merchants can fully customize the look and feel of the solution to seamlessly fit their store’s visual identity.

Easy Integration at the Click of a Button

Mutual clients of Findify and Lipscore can easily integrate the two solutions with just a few clicks. Merchants simply need to navigate to their Findify Merchant Dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations, and click on the Lipscore integration.

A particularly useful feature allows merchants to mix and match reviews with different product IDs within the same product group. For example, if you’re selling a dress in multiple colors and sizes but only have reviews for the small, red dress, the Findify x Lipscore integration allows you to display these reviews on all color and size variants. This benefits both the merchant, who gains trust, and the customer, who gets relevant reviews.

Advanced sorting and filtering options are also available. Merchants can enable shoppers to search by review score, for example.

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