Lipscore Integrated into Viskan’s E-Commerce Platform!

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: June 26, 2022

Ratings and reviews are becoming increasingly important for online retailers. Reviews contribute to increased traffic from Google and help build customer trust, which in turn boosts conversion rates. Now, with Lipscore integrated into Viskan‘s e-commerce platform, Viskan’s customers can easily collect and publish all types of ratings and reviews. The first customer to take advantage of this integration on Viskan’s e-commerce platform will be Makeup Mekka!

Trust is Crucial in the Battle for Customers

With growing competition online, the credibility of products and brands has become more important than ever in attracting customers. Product ratings and reviews significantly improve conversion rates, leading to increased sales. However, this is most effective when you have a high volume of reviews across a broad range of your products, not just the best-sellers. Lipscore allows online retailers to collect between 2 and 4 times more feedback than the market standard, which is why Viskan has chosen to integrate Lipscore into its platform.

“One of the great strengths we see in Lipscore is how easy it is for consumers to give feedback. With Lipscore integrated into Viskan’s platform, online retailers can collect a large volume of ratings and reviews. Lipscore also offers automatic translation of reviews, a crucial feature for online stores that aim to expand into new markets,” says Gunilla Esbjörnsson, Marketing Manager at Viskan.

Easy to Collect, Analyze, and Manage Large Amounts of Data

Lipscore has the best response rate from consumers in the market. Our solution makes it quick and effortless for e-commerce customers to provide feedback on products and companies. Since the feedback is collected in connection with the purchase, we guarantee that all reviews are 100% genuine. For Viskan’s customers, it’s straightforward to collect, analyze, and manage large data sets—a key factor in making informed, data-driven decisions.

“Product reviews and other forms of user feedback contribute to increased conversion rates, higher web traffic, and greater customer trust. Additionally, the collected data can be used internally by the retail chain or online store to optimize logistics, purchasing, customer service, and store operations,” says Jonny Hansen, Chief Revenue Officer at Lipscore.

Integration Between Viskan and Lipscore in Place

“We aim to provide our customers with the best possible conditions for e-commerce success. Thanks to Lipscore’s integration with Viskan’s platform, our customers now have excellent opportunities to collect and publish both service and product reviews, which are an essential aspect of modern e-commerce. We are very pleased with the collaboration,” says Gunilla Esbjörnsson, Marketing Manager at Viskan.

The integration between Viskan’s e-commerce platform and Lipscore is now live, enabling both new and existing Viskan customers to get started easily!

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