Increased Presence in Sweden and Strengthening of the Team.

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: December 8, 2022

We’ve experienced fantastic growth over the last couple of years and are now gaining significant momentum in Sweden. More Swedish brands are using Lipscore to collect ratings and reviews than ever before. This November, we opened a brand-new office just outside Stockholm to substantially increase our presence in Sweden. Furthermore, we’ve expanded our commercial team with several new hires.

Fantastic Growth in Recent Years

In just over two years, we’ve grown from 25 to more than 250 clients, and the growth shows no signs of slowing. In Norway, we’ve become the largest player in the market for customer ratings and reviews, measured in revenue. We count many of Norway’s leading brands among our clients: Skeidar, Jernia, Europris, Apotek 1, Vita, and The Body Shop, to name a few.

In Sweden, we’re rapidly gaining momentum, with well-known brands such as Din Sko, Skopunkten, Indiska, Care of Carl, Scorett, and SportShopen adopting Lipscore for their ratings and reviews. Additionally, we continue to forge new partnerships in Sweden, as companies like Findify, Viskan, and Abicart have chosen to integrate Lipscore into their platforms.

Promising Growth in the UK

In the UK, we’ve added more than 20 new clients in just a few months, underscoring the promising outlook for Lipscore in the UK as well.

Brand-New Office Near Stockholm

After doubling our turnover for two consecutive years, we raised just over six million in fresh capital this past June. This enabled us to hire two new Swedish Account Executives and open our brand-new office near Stockholm.

Strengthening Partnerships and Customer Relations

We collaborate with the best agencies and platforms in the market. To further develop our partner network, we’ve recently hired a Head of Partnerships. The aim is to ensure quick and easy integration of Lipscore across all potential client platforms and to generate added value for our existing clients.

To better serve our growing client base, we’ve also bolstered our Customer Success Team. We look forward to welcoming many more clients in the coming year.

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