Close Collaboration Between ITX and Lipscore.

Written by: Tone Loberg
Posted on: January 24, 2022

An increasing number of retail chains and online stores are choosing Lipscore and ITX to enhance customer experiences.

ITX and Lipscore: A Partnership in Innovation

Lipscore provides technical solutions for collecting and analyzing various forms of user reviews. ITX is a technology company focused on streamlining customer service processes. Both companies are based in Norway and are rapidly expanding in the Nordic market.

A Synergistic Relationship

The close collaboration between these companies is far from coincidental.

“Retail chains and online stores seeking to create exceptional customer experiences listen to their customers and prioritize customer service. In this setting, ITX and Lipscore frequently become natural technology partners,” says Jonny Hansen, Head of Revenue at Lipscore.

Strengthened by Mutual Customers

The companies share many customers, which has brought them into close collaboration.

“We complement each other perfectly. ITX provides leading technology in customer service, and we offer technology to gather user reviews and insights,” continues Jonny Hansen.

Seamless Integration

Jonny reveals that their mutual customers can now integrate the two systems. For instance, the Lipscore Q&A feature allows customers to ask questions directly on a product’s online page. These questions are displayed in ITX’s dashboard along with inquiries from phone, chat, social media, SMS, and email. This consolidation allows customer service staff to address all inquiries from a unified platform. Naturally, all customer interactions are recorded under individual customer profiles.

“The result is fast and personalized customer service, while also saving your employees significant time,” adds Jonny Hansen with a smile.

Would You Like to Know More About Lipscore & ITX?

ITX is offered as a cloud service and requires no installation. We handle all the practicalities for a fixed, low set-up fee. With ITX, you’re not looking at a large and expensive project; you can get started in just a few weeks.

Lipscore seamlessly integrates with the ITX contact center, enabling you to manage all customer interactions in one place:

  • Reply to Reviews: By default, you’ll receive 1–3 star reviews, but you can customize settings to receive all reviews in the chat or only those with a desired star rating.
  • Manage Support Triggers/Support Tickets.
  • Respond to Questions and Answers (Q&A).

All customer reviews are stored within the ITX contact center. This ensures that your support agents have access to all customer communications, including reviews and questions, in one centralized location.

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