Lampehuset received 416% more SEO traffic by showing ratings & reviews on Google

Displaying ratings and reviews on Google increases traffic to the website, and with GTIN and structured data this should happen more or less by itself. All you have to do is to upload Lipscore XML-feed to Google Merchant Center. However, you should check whether your ratings & reviews actually appear as they should on Google! And if not, fix the missing GTIN and structured data.

Lampehuset has been gathering ratings & reviews with Lipscore since September 2020. They have ratings on 50% of their products online, and reviews on about 25% of the products. Lipscore generates an XML feed that can be uploaded to Google Merchant center and encodes markup in the Rating widget, so that ratings and reviews could be visible in the Rich Snippets in organic product searches and Google Shopping Ads. However, it is not always the case that Google displays the customer feedback gathered. This is why our partners, like Fullstakk, who can help our customers optimalize the value of the ratings and reviews gathered via Lipscore, bring a lot of value.

Google Organic

Ratings and reviews were not shown in Lampehuset’s organic product search.

Lack of structured data in product search on Google

Gooogle Shopping Ads

Ratings were not shown on most shopping ads for Lampehuset.

Lack of structured data in Google shopping ads

Why weren’t Lampehuset’s ratings & reviews shown on Google?

Google Rich Snippets supports showing ratings and reviews in Google search results. When someone searches for a product you sell, the organic search result should show the star rating of the product.

You can also make your ratings & reviews visible in Google Shopping ads by uploading the Lipscore XML feed to your Google Merchant Center. The Google Shopping XML feed is automatically updated with your latest ratings & reviews every single day.

But if you lack structured data or have problems sending GTINs to Lipscore (either because you don’t have the opportunity to send GTINs or have products without GTINs), Lipscore ratings & reviews will not appear as they should on Google.

Structured data is designed to help Google understand web pages, and can be data such as product, name, description, review, rating,
stock status, price, benefits, etc.

What can Lamphuset do and how?

Because Lampehuset had problems sending the GTIN to Lipscore, in addition to lacking structured data on the product pages, the ratings and reviews were not shown in organic product searches or on Gooogle Shopping Ads.

It is not straight forward to fix this. Lampehuset therefore got the help of their Google Agency Fullstakk, who took the dialogue with the developers at Ny Media (their web development agency) and with Lipscore.

The following was done:

  1. The online store sends the GTIN / SKU / ID that matches the Lipscore data.
  2. We create our “own” Lipscore feed, by matching shopping feed products with reviews.
  3. We add product information to organic search results.

Fullstakk used metamanager to fix missing GTINs and to add structured data to the product pages of Lampehuset.

Meta manager fikser strukturert data og GTIN

What happens when Lampehuset starts showing ratings & reviews on Google?

Organic product search

+416% traffic from organic search

+410% more products on the 1st page

+540% more organic impressions

… and many more products that show stars

Google Shopping Ads

+ 135% increase in average CTR (click through rate)

Lipscore ratings and reviews appear in Google Shopping Ads and organic product searches

Fullstakk can help to get more effect from Lipscore

Are you getting the full potential out of the ratings and reviews you collect with Lipscore?

Order a FREE ANALYSIS of the utilization of ratings and reviews for YOUR online store. Based on the analysis, Fullstakk explains how this can be optimized so that you can get more traffic from Google and a higher conversion rate on your website:

  • Organic search visibility
  • Google Ads / Shopping
  • Optimizing the design and placement of the Lipscore widget for a higher conversion rate.

Order an analysis or get in touch via the form for more information.

Order a FREE ANALYSIS of the utilization of ratings and reviews for YOUR online store!