If data is the New oil – behaviour data is rocket fuel!

John Ekman is considered one of the Nordics’ leading experts in conversion optimization and web analysis. Here is a summary of his talk at OmniTalk 2022 “If data is the New oil – behavior data is rocket fuel!”, where he talks about how you can use behavioral data to create a competitive advantage.

John Ekman at Omnitalk 2022

We humans make emotional decisions for which we find a (supposedly) rational explanations. This means that there is rarely a match between how we and our customers think things work and how things actually works. The customers do not agree with themselves. How then can we as a company understand our customers?

John Ekman at Omnitalk 2022

In order to understand the customers, we must be able to decipher the digital footprints.

Most companies have large amounts of data. The problem is typically that we don’t use the data we have in the right way, or that we don’t have the right type of data.

If we want to change behaviour, we must work with behavioral data. Start from rough hypotheses based on “Best Practice”, previous experiences, use tests, etc., and then qualify the hypotheses with data.

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John Ekman at Omnitalk 2022

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