In Just Six Months, Horseonline Nearly Triples Rated Products

Six months ago, Horseonline made the strategic move to switch to Lipscore from another leading solution for ratings and reviews. This pivot has led to remarkable outcomes, most notably, a surge in their response rate from a modest 6% to an impressive 24%.

“Remarkably, the number of products with written reviews has more than doubled,” mentions Timmy Norin, CMO and Co-owner of Horseonline. “When we talk about products with ratings alone, that number has almost tripled. This broader scope of reviewed products has significantly elevated the customer experience.” Naturally, Timmy is thrilled with this positive trend.

Elevating the Digital Shopping Experience

Horseonline specializes in e-commerce for equestrian sports—a notably popular sport among Swedish youth. Founded in 2015, the company has evolved from focusing on the premium segment to also include products for amateur riders and riding schools—all while maintaining its quality standards.

Unlike traditional competitors relying on physical stores, Horseonline capitalizes solely on online commerce. “Every system we integrate aims to fine-tune and produce the most efficient e-commerce experience,” explains Timmy. This focus ensures rapid deliveries and abundant product information, filling the gap left by the absence of a physical shopping experience.

Pioneering Technological Advancements

The company has continually updated its systems to optimize customer satisfaction. From introducing more flexible shipping options like Instabox and home deliveries, to partnering with Askås—a platform renowned for excellent third-party integration—the upgrades are endless. “These integrations allow us to work with specialists in various domains, like Lipscore in the realm of ratings and reviews,” Timmy notes.

Maximizing Product Reviews Across Variants

Many of Horseonline’s products come in different sizes and colors. With Lipscore’s advanced product management features, reviews are displayed across all product variants. “It’s a game-changer that has caused our number of product reviews to skyrocket,” Timmy says.

Enhancing Customer Feedback with Support Triggers

Lipscore’s Support Triggers alert the customer service team to negative reviews, providing a window of opportunity for resolution. “These triggers flag products that consistently receive different ratings than we anticipated, offering valuable insights for product evaluation,” says Timmy.

Achieving High Response Rates for Brand Benefit

“A high response rate not only validates the quality of our products but also enhances brand recall,” Timmy emphasizes. The Lipscore platform’s user-friendliness has made it simpler for customers to give feedback, thereby boosting the response rate to 24%.

Reviews and Cost-Effective Google Ads

Though it’s challenging to isolate the direct effects of their Lipscore partnership, Timmy believes that the increased number of product reviews has positively impacted their Google ad performance—both in terms of cost-efficiency and conversions.

User-Centric Platform for Future Expansion

“The Lipscore platform is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly,” Timmy concludes. Horseonline plans to establish a strong foothold in the Swedish market before considering international expansion, but Timmy sees Lipscore as a key partner in both current and future endeavors.

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