Nordvik Bolig.

After 3 months use of Lipscore, Nordvik Bolig still has 40% response rate in ratings and 25% in reviews. This means that every fourth customer writes a review. Which is insanely good!

With an average rating of 4.8 based on 1435 ratings, the feedback leaves no doubt – the customers are very happy with the Nordvik-experience!

“As a Real Estate Agency, we must have brokers with high competence, who deliver excellent customer experiences”, says Bjørnar Førre Skogstø, Product Manager in Nordvik. “Satisfied customers comes back and recommend us to others. Measuring customer satisfaction is therefore a key for us, and the massive feedback we get from Lipscore really help us to continuously improve the customer experiences we deliver to our customers.”

More Stars. Real Reviews.

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