Hello, Sauna Enthusiasts! Since KOK, Oslo’s best sauna, integrated Lipscore fore collecting product and service reviews, they’ve experienced impressive response rates. Their overall service rating soared to an impressive 4.7/5 based on over 3600 ratings!

Here’s how Lipscore has heated up KOK’s customer relations and feedback loop:

Listening to You: Lipscore’s intuitive feedback system has enablied KOK to hear directly from you. Every review helps them understand exactly what you love about our sauna experience and where they can make splashes with improvements!

Authentic Conversations: With real, verified reviews, new sauna-goers can read honest feedback, setting their expectations right and building trust even before they step through KOK’s doors.

Boost in Visibility: Thanks to their glowing reviews, more sauna enthusiasts are discovering KOK every day. Each positive review has helpeps propel their SEO, making it easier for the next relaxing sauna enthusiast to find them online.

Continuous Improvement: Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping KOK’s services. Whether it’s adding more aromatic essences or adjusting the steam levels, KOK has tailored their sauna to your preferences, ensuring each visit is better than the last.

Building a Community: Each review not only guides new visitors but also strengthens KOK’s sauna-loving community, making everyone feel at home with shared experiences and recommendations.

Pay a visit to Oslo’s top-rated sauna spot, and don’t forget to leave your own splash of feedback with Lipscore!


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