Amok Equipment Credits Customer Insights for Game-Changing Hammock Innovations

Amok Equipment‘s award-winning hammocks are a familiar sight in Norwegian forests, and the company attributes much of their product development success to valuable customer feedback.

Unique Products Backed by a Talented Team

Outdoor hammocking has surged in popularity during the pandemic, and among the market leaders is Norway’s Amok Equipment. The company’s hammocks have earned accolades from TV2 and Inspired by his Caribbean sailing experiences, Jonas Haug teamed up with Steinar Bukve Witsø during their entrepreneurship studies at NTNU, eventually founding Amok Equipment.

Last year, the company reported a turnover of around 30 million NOK and a net profit of 9 million NOK. Witsø, thrilled with the performance, said, “Our unique products, exceptional team, and authentic marketing strategy are the cornerstones of our success.”

Customers as Product Experts

Witsø extends heartfelt gratitude to Amok’s customers. “Our customers are our best product experts. We always prioritize their insights when developing new products,” he says. Using Lipscore, Amok gathers product reviews on their Shopify-based online store and keeps an eye on what customers are searching for on various platforms. “Customer feedback is invaluable. We have designed products like the ultra-light model and a specialized hammock for taller individuals based on customer needs,” Witsø adds.

Why Big Retail Chains and Amazon Aren’t the Right Fit

Despite its growing reputation, Amok chooses not to sell through large sports chains or Amazon. Witsø explains, “We are a niche brand, and large retailers can’t provide the level of product knowledge required to effectively sell our products.” He also pointed out the limitations with Amazon, saying, “Our products require customization that is not easily communicated through large external marketplaces.”

Expanding Global Footprint

Historically, Amok has seen 40% of its sales in Norway and 60% in Sweden, the USA, Canada, and Germany. However, the pandemic has triggered a rapid growth in domestic sales. “We’re aiming to expand our international reach, focusing initially on Sweden and German-speaking countries,” Witsø concludes.

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