883 Police: Transforming Customer Feedback with Lipscore 

 Before adopting Lipscore, 883 Police managed customer feedback through direct interactions like email, phone calls, and in-store conversations. Stuart from 883 Police explains, “We didn’t use any specialist platform to collect reviews and feedback to either process internally or display on the front end of our website. Any customer feedback was dealt with individually.” The brand recognised the opportunity to enhance onsite conversion by showcasing customer reviews but had not prioritised this until recently. Just prior to joining Lipscore, we had a small trial with Judge.me to give us an initial benchmark for comparison.

Decision to Choose Lipscore

Stuart further elaborates on their decision-making process, stating, “The average customer of Lipscore sees upwards of a 20% response rate, which was one of the key selling points for us.” Despite initial uncertainty, Stuart was intrigued by the potential to rapidly accumulate meaningful reviews and feedback using Lipscore. 

Results Achieved

 Since implementing Lipscore, 883 Police has achieved remarkable results. Stuart reports, “We’ve had excellent results so far with a response rate in the region of 27% and a ratings to reviews ratio of 4:1 which I’m very happy with.” These impressive metrics signify high customer engagement and satisfaction with the brand’s products. 

Impact on Business Decisions

The ratings and feedback collected through Lipscore have provided valuable insights for 883 Police. Stuart notes, “It’s given us quicker insight into what customers perceive as important when buying products and an early indication of any product issues so we can rectify them promptly.” This feedback loop has enabled the brand to make informed decisions and prioritize areas for improvement. 

Platform Impressions

Stuart emphasises one standout feature of Lipscore, stating, “The ability to gather ratings without a written review contributing to product star rating is definitely the area that has impressed me.” This efficient feedback collection process has streamlined the brand’s efforts in building social proof and enhancing the onsite customer experience. 

Key Platform Benefits

 Reflecting on the platform’s usability, Stuart remarks, “Overall, the platform is really easy to use and configure.” While it’s still early in their journey with Lipscore, Stuart recognises the platform’s potential to become an indispensable tool for managing customer feedback effectively. 

Comparison with Other Platforms

Stuart acknowledges the performance difference between Lipscore and other platforms, stating, “I used many other ‘market leading’ platforms over the years, and the response rate from Lipscore is much better.” This favourable comparison highlights the platform’s effectiveness in driving customer engagement and review generation. 

When asked about the differences between Lipscore and Judge.me, Stuart emphasised the impressive response rate achieved effortlessly with Lipscore. He noted that this impressive response rate was not experienced with Judge.me alone, as he had experienced similar outcomes with other prominent platforms he had used previously. 


In conclusion, Lipscore has empowered 883 Police to revolutionise their approach to customer feedback and review management. With exceptional response rates, valuable insights, and streamlined processes, the platform has become an essential component in enhancing onsite conversions and strengthening brand reputation. 

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