3 Ways Product Reviews Increase Turnover In Your Online Store

Turnover in your online shop depends on three key parameters: traffic, conversion rate, and average order value. In this article we explain how product reviews contribute to increased sales in your online store.

product reviews contribute to increased sales in your online store

There are many advantages to using product reviews.

It is easier for customers to orient themselves in the market, save time, and make decisions that feel safe and right.

In physical stores, the employees are there to guide the customer and make them feel confident about the choice they make. On the internet, these are customer reviews that give potential customers confidence by showing numerous clients whose shopping experience in your online store was positive.

But product reviews are not only there to help customers make good decisions – they are equally important for your business. Through product reviews, you get access to priceless information on products in your offer. Product reviews give you, among others, a chance to edit misleading product information, which may result in a lower return rate.

If you are not using product reviews in your online shop yet, you are missing out on sales. That is the theme of this article. 3 good reasons to start using verified product reviews in your webshop: traffic, conversion rate, and average order value.

1. Product reviews increase traffic

Needless to say, to increase profits in your webshop you have to be visible in the search results and have a lot of incoming traffic.

Product reviews are a very cost-effective way of obtaining user-generated content (UGC) to help you increase your organic search traffic (SEO). User-generated content is fresh and up-to-date information from customers that makes you stand out from competitors and catch the attention of potential customers.

Customers use different words in their product reviews than you do in the product descriptions which means that the words used by others who look for the same products online may be similar. Thus, numerous and complementary product reviews increase your visibility in the search engines and you also rank better for long-tail phrases.

A webshop with many product reviews will gradually become a big knowledge base and a useful source of information for customers who can pop in to read through reviews. This means that the so-called direct traffic to the website may also increase.

With a dynamic product page that is constantly updated with new and unique product information from both you and your customers, you are often rewarded with a better ranking by Google and other search engines, as the search engines detect that your product pages «live» and are constantly updated.

2. Product reviews increase conversion rate

Large traffic is positive for your webshop but it does not guarantee sales by itself. Studies show that traditional advertising has little influence on potential customers when compared to recommendations from friends and colleagues, and for online shoppers, product reviews are the closest they can get to personal recommendations.

Customers have up to 12 times more trust in product reviews than to the producer’s own descriptions. Numbers show that there is a 63% higher probability that the customer will make a purchase if product reviews are available on the webshop. Online shops that present verified product reviews on their product pages experience an increase of 18% on average in conversion rate.

f you use verified product reviews, you keep your product page updated while attracting more positive reviews. Numbers from Lipscore show that as many as 84% of those who give a rating are satisfied. With product reviews, you make the customer your best ambassador!

3. Product reviews increase the average order value

Online shoppers want to make sure that what they’re buying meets their needs. Spending money comes easier if you know that what you’re paying for is really what you want to have.

Already in 2007 a research company, Comscore, came up with a report which showed that 75% of users consider product reviews an important source of information when shopping online. More recent research confirms that product reviews have a considerable impact on customer behavior and willingness to buy online. These are primarily the newest and most helpful product recommendations that affect sales the most.

The threshold for investing in expensive products online becomes much lower with visible verified product reviews on the product page. lthough product reviews have a positive impact on the sales of goods in all price ranges, it appears that they have the greatest influence on the conversion rate of higher-priced products. By displaying product reviews in your online store, especially next to more expensive products, you eliminate the customer’s doubt by offering a wide scope of available information. The more money the customer is about to spend, the more crucial product reviews are for the willingness to buy. Thanks to verified product reviews, the willingness to buy more expensive goods also increases, which results in a rise in the average order value, and higher sales.

The eCommerce Success Equation is simple

Traffic + Conversion Rate + Average Order Value = Turnover It’s that simple!

Product reviews increase revenue by generating more traffic, improving conversion rates, and providing higher average order value.

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