12 ways to get better results with product reviews

«Be the first to rate this product» is unfortunately a common sight in many Norwegian online stores. Get to know how your store can get more product reviews.

Examples of product reviews in online stores

Few online stores actually have a good volume of product reviews from their customers. That’s a shame since product reviews have many benefits:

  • Customers trust the opinion of other customers more than the general product description.
  • Making it easier for customers to decide and complete the sales process.
  • Increased transparency by actively encouraging customers to give feedback.
  • Better results in search engines. Google prefer user-generated content.
  • Increased product insight. Understand how your customers use your products and what products they don’t like.

1. Ask your customers to share their opinion

Ask your customers what they think about the product they bought. Most people like helping others. So consider asking them if they find product reviews helpful, and emphasize that they will help others by leaving their feedback.

2. Send automatic emails after sale

Few customers leave a review unless they’re encouraged to do so. Advanced systems for ratings and reviews can send automatic emails that don’t require the customer to log in. When a customer is asked to log in, the response rate drops significantly. That’s why you’ll find the text «Be the first to rate this product» in many online stores.

3. Give your customers a choice

When a customer is asked to answer several questions, the response rate drops. You’ll get the best effect if you give your customers the freedom to give feedback without any strict rules. Leaving feedback shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Enable your customers to leave feedback with a star rating (between 1 and 5 stars) if they don’t have time or don’t want to write a review.

4. Include product reviews from physical stores

Brands with online and physical stores can gather product reviews by sending an automatic prompt to leave a review after a purchase. This way, you can increase the overall volume of ratings and reviews, even from customers that have never visited your online store.

5. Let customers share photos and videos

For some brands and categories, it’s helpful to see products in use. This is especially important for fashion and interior brands. Let your customers upload their own photos and videos when leaving a review.

6. Contribute to customer dialogue

It might be relevant to add your comment on both positive and negative reviews. It’s a golden opportunity to talk with your customers and show you care.

7. Use product reviews in marketing

Show your customers that you appreciate their engagement and use both stars and reviews in DMs, newsletters and ads. You might be able to use photos from your customers, but be sure to check in with them beforehand and get consent.

8. Update product information based on feedback

When a customer writes a long and insightful review for a product, it’s a good idea to update the product information as soon as possible. På dThis way, your product descriptions will get better, which might positively affect the return rate. You’ll also show your customers that the feedback they leave actually help other customers.

9. Update product range based on product reviews

Sometimes customer opinions can affect your range. For example, there might be products that should be discontinued or new products that should be included.

10. Increase response rate with rewards

Offering rewards shouldn’t be necessary when you have a well-functioning system to gather product reviews. When encouraging customers to share their opinions and get a reward in return, these reviews can be considered marketing. Rewards should be small, and it should be clear that everyone has the same chance of getting rewarded — both for positive or negative reviews. Another alternative is to give your customers discount codes after leaving a rating and review.

11. Focus on genuine and independent product reviews

When chasing product reviews, it can be tempting to encourage people connected to the company, friends or people who have received a free product to write a review. This will be spotted by other customers and might even face a penalty from governmental agencies. Independent reviews from verified customers and people using their full names will give the best long-term effect.

12. Show product reviews in physical stores

We always encourage to show product reviews in physical stores, whether on posters or electronic shelf labels. It is valuable both for customers and employees.

How to use data from your online store in your physical store

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