Unique insight

No other tools on the market enable you to gather as many Product Reviews, Service Reviews and Store Reviews as Lipscore. This gives you unique insights you can use to increase your sales and revenue.

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Our extreme response rate means that you will get a lot of feedback from your customers. Combined with our dashboard and analytics tools, you’ll get new types of insight.

When customers are shopping, they can give you a rating (1-5 stars) and write a review. This is what forms the basis for both quantitative and more qualitative analyzes. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Lipscore gives unique insight about your customers and products

Measurements and analyzes of products

Measuring your products to understand what your customers think about them.

  • Which products are customers most satisfied with?
  • Which products have low quality?
  • What is the problem with the products having a low score?
  • What brands have the highest and lowest quality?
  • How do our own brands score compared to other brands?

Brand measurement and analysis

Your customers’ overall experience with your brand.

  • How satisfied are customers with our brand?
  • How many customers are very satisfied, moderately satisfied or dissatisfied?
  • What are the customers dissatisfied when meeting with our brand?
  • How satisfied are the customers with the delivery from our online store?

Physical store measurement and analysis

With Lipscore, you can measure and track customer satisfaction in your physical store, in addition to your online store.

  • How satisfied are the customers with our physical stores?
  • Does any store do particularly good or bad?
  • What region have the most satisfied customers?
  • Are there any fluctuations in customer satisfaction throughout the week?

Let’s help your business get more ratings and reviews!

Lipscore is the most effective platform for gathering and using ratings and reviews. We help companies become more profitable and access important customer insight, product insight, and purchasing power.

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