About Lipscore

Lipscore is a Norwegian company that handles customer ratings and reviews for all kinds of retail and service businesses. We specialize in 3 things;

First, making it super-easy for you as a consumer to leave feedback on the products and services that you buy. Second, making sure that ALL ratings and reviews are from Real buyers. And third, making it impossible for the business that use Lipscore to manipulate, fake or filter their ratings and reviews.

If you have bought from an online store that you believe violates our Guidelines for Real Reviews, please email us at letstalk@lipscore.com.

Read more about the The RealReviews ™ process, Lipscore Values and our History below.

The RealReviews ™ process

Each website that uses Lipscore’s platform for ratings and reviews has its own unique setup, but in general it works like this:

  • You buy a product/service online or in a physical store.
  • Some days later, you receive an email in which you are asked to give feedback.
  • When you press the stars, you are automatically logged in via a so-called token-based login that is 100% unique per customer.
  • Writing a comment is voluntary.
  • This two-part collection explains why all users of Lipscore have more ratings than reviews.
  • The review is published with your name, taken from the online store’s order system. You cannot change this.

The “Verified buyer” badge that appears next to all reviews shows that Lipscore can guarantee the authenticity of the customer.

Read more about Real Reviews

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Our values

Maximum simplicity

Lipscore makes it easy to give feedback on products and the stores you buy from. Just choose the desired star rating — that’s all you need to do to leave feedback. You can also write a review if you want.

Maximum transparency

Transparency is important for us, and we believe that sharing is caring. We’re confident that transparency provides a better shopping experience for customers. That’s why only verified customers can give feedback for products and shops via Lipscore.

Maximum integrity

All ratings and reviews from Lipscore are 100% real, written by real customers, using their own words and signed with their full name. This is what creates credibility. Of course, we never edit reviews, and negative feedback can’t be deleted. We help our clients to deal with negative feedback to make sure their customers are satisfied.


Lipscore was founded in 2014 — and we’ve had rapid growth the last couple of years. We are now the fastest-growing solution for gathering ratings and reviews in the Nordics. Our founder Henning Frettem felt frustrated trying to give feedback on an online store. There were hardly any reviews when he was shopping at one of the biggest online stores a couple of years back. This was even though they used a reputable solution for gathering reviews. When he was asked to give feedback after buying a product, he understood why. It was time-consuming and complicated!

He decided to build the easiest and most effective solution for gathering ratings and reviews. We are constantly growing and improving our solution and will always strive to be the best.

Lipscore has the markets best response rate for product reviews

Know anyone with an online store?

Lipscore is challenging bigger and well-known international review-companies. We’re the fastest-growing solution for gathering ratings and reviews in the Nordics. Vita, The Body Shop, Scorett, Devold, Care of Carl and Telia are just some of our clients.

Our clients choose Lipscore because they get 2-4 times more feedback compared to similar solutions, and because we guarantee 100% real reviews. Having a lot of honest feedback is helpful for you and the stores you shop from.