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We are experts on ratings and reviews. Get to know us a little better, and read about our history, mission, team and values.


Lipscore was founded in 2014 — and we’ve had rapid growth the last couple of years. We are now the fastest-growing solution for gathering ratings and reviews in the Nordics. Our founder Henning Frettem felt frustrated trying to give feedback on an online store. There were hardly any reviews when he was shopping at one of the biggest online stores a couple of years back. This was even though they used a reputable solution for gathering reviews. When he was asked to give feedback after buying a product, he understood why. It was time-consuming and complicated!

He decided to build the easiest and most effective solution for gathering ratings and reviews. We are constantly growing and improving our solution and will always strive to be the best

Media coverage

Lipscore has the best response rate on the market for ratings and reviews


We provide the customer and product that gives your company the data and insight you need to improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Best response rate

Get 2 to 4 times more ratings and reviews than with other solutions.


Everyone on our team has high expertise in ratings and reviews. We know what’s needed to get success.

Unique insight

The solution that helps you gather the highest number of ratings and reviews. We give your company the needed insight to increase both sales and revenue.


No matter who you talk to, you’ll find that our team is passionate about ratings and reviews. We know what’s needed to succeed with Product Reviews, Service Reviews and Store Reviews.



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Our values

Maximum simplicity

We make it easy for your customers to give feedback. That’s why you get more ratings and reviews with Lipscore. Everything we do is with usability and simpleness in mind — both for you and your customers.

Maximum transparency

Transparency is important for us, and we believe that sharing is caring. We believe that transparency and openness lead to better and longer customer relationships. That’s why only verified customers can give you feedback.

Maximum integrity

All ratings and reviews from Lipscore are 100% real, written by real customers, using their own words and signed with their full name. This is what creates credibility. Negative feedback can’t be deleted, but you can deal with it quickly with Support Trigger.